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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Apex Typing as an independent contractor. The first step of your testing process will be to test commonly confused words, grammar and your ability to follow directions. Follow the directions below and email your completed file to info@apextyping.com. Remember to pay close attention to all details. Once your test is emailed in, please give us some time to review it. If you are selected to move on to the next step of the process, you will be notified. Thank you.


Read all directions through to the end before you start.


Create a Microsoft Word document. Save it as a Word 97 - 2003 compatible document. The title of your file should be your full name. Insert a header in the document that is bold, size 10 font, Times New Roman. The first line should be your name in all capital letters. The second line should be the date in long format. The third line should be your email address.

Once done with the header listen to the file using the player below. In the body of the document you should type what you hear in size 12, Times New Roman font. Start with the first one you hear. This should be placed on a line with "NUMBER 1:" in all caps and bold. The colon should be followed by two spaces. Next, type what you hear in normal font (not bold) and using proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Add an extra line break before the next question and continue with "NUMBER 2:" in bold and so on repeating the formatting you used for the first number. Be sure to type what you hear, not what you think it should be. Maybe sure to turn of auto-numbering or auto-outline features before starting.

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